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Things good to know while you are in Turkey:

Istanbul Türkiye Manzara - Pixabay'de ücretsiz fotoğraf

1-Turkey is a big country where %99 of the population is muslim but it is a secular country that is why you will find it modest in comparison with other muslim countries.
2-We have four seasons but strongly affected by global climate change so it is getting hotter in summers, dryer and warmer in winters recently.
3-Turkey is a country where christians and jewish people have been living together with muslims peacefully for centuries.
4-Istanbul is a very big, crowded and cosmopolitan city and have 18 million population
5-Although Istanbul is safer than many big cities in the World, you have to watch your steps and your bags.

When you need help for address or anything else it is better to ask the hotels, tourism information office, security stuff in the stations or other areas, your guide etc.

6-You can take shower and brush your teeth with tap water but we recommend you to drink bottled water because the tap water has chlorine for hygienic reasons and it doest not taste well.

7-In turkey you do not need to tip taxi drivers unless they help you for anything special other than driving.

8-In Turkey, it is necessary to have Turkish lira for museums, taxis etc. but especially in the touristic areas you can use dollars, euros comfortably.

9-In Turkey we speak Turkish mainly but you may find people speaking other languages like Arabic and English.