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Ephesus is an amazing antique city in our country. It is the best excavated site in the country. You can walk on the same streets where ancient roman citizens used to walk. During the roman era the population of the city was estimated 250.000.



It has a great theatre, streets, luxerous houses and one of the biggest libraries in history with a capacity of 17.000 books. The temple of Artemis in ephesus was one of the seven wanders in the World.



The most important and famous people related with ephesus are Virgin Mary and St.John and St.Paul. Virgin Mary was brought by John to Ephesus and lived here for some time. This city is also one of the seven churches mentioned in St. John’s revelations. St.john is believed to have lived here and to have written his revelations both in patmos and ephesus. St paul also lived and preached in ephesus and his famous speech about pagan gods and goddeses took place in this city.