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Cruise Tours/ Bodrum- Göcek- Bodrum

7 days

Please note that this tour can be organized in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French. 


Day 1 Saturday / BODRUM (Halicarnassus ) :
Arrival to Bodrum, known in the narrow as Halicarnassus was the
birthplace of Herodotus; the Tomb of King Mausolus , one of the
Seven Wonders of the anguished world is exhibited in this beautiful place .
Arrival and transfer to board the yacht . Night at Bodrum Harbour.
(C) boarding starts at 15: 30pm.

Day 2 Sunday / Orak island-ÇOKERTME :
After breakfast, we will sail to Orak Island where you will have the
opportunity to swim in the crystal clear blue waters . We will sail to
Çokertme , a small and picturesque fishing village for dinner and
spend the night . If weather conditions permit, the
sail on the course and guests can take a walk to the shore .
(D, A, C)

Day 3 Monday / seven islands (KUFRE / Uzun LIMAN-long Port) –
Before breakfast, early in the morning; we sail to the Seven Islands ,
full of other small islands and coral reefs . Our guests
you can also enjoy a walk through the pine forests.
Our first stop will be in Kufre from there we will embark in Uzun
Liman (long port) to the English port.

Day 4 Tuesday / island of CLEPATRA-KARACASOGUT :
We will sail to Sedir Island (Cedrae). You will appreciate the walls of the
city, the temple of the time of the reign of the Dorians , the amphitheater and
some vaulted buildings left in history . You can walk
around remains of pillars or angulas stones decorated with relief . The
Cleopatra beach, with a very special sand that can only
finding in the deserts of North Africa make up these wonders .
Then we will sail to the village of Karacasogut; leaving the village to
25km from Marmaris; if you wish , you can visit Marmaris via minibus .
Optional excursion to Dalyan-Caunos. (D, A, C)

Day 5 Wednesday / LONGOZ-TUZLA :
During lunch, we will sail to Longoz; wonderful covered place
through forests with huge Pines . After lunch ; you can enjoy
take a walk through the forest and take a break at Ali Baba’s local cafe .
Then the schooner will board Tuzla to enjoy a bath break
in the turquoise waters . Dinner and overnight in Tuzla Bay.(D, A, C)

We will be early in the morning at Kargili Bay (Molla Bay
Ibrahim) . After lunch, we will board Kisebuku (Alakisla
Buku) . Here you will appreciate the ruins of the bizannos; spending the night in
this beautiful bay.

After breakfast, we will sail to Pabucburnu .(Tea is served in
Yalicilik). We can arrange an optional tour of the village
from the bay for those who wish to experience local life . Boat
you will sail back to the Port of Bodrum. (D, A, C)
Day 8 Saturday / BODRUM :
Breakfast and transfer to Bodrum Airport to take the flight with desno to
Istanbul. Disembark at 10: 30am.

Ÿ standard yacht (wooden schooner)
Ÿ length 20 to 24 mts, masl height 18 mts, equipment
Ÿ Radar, Mobile Phone, 4 boats, TV, refrigerator
Ÿ air-conditioning is only available in common areas such as the dining room and
it only works 8 hours a day; 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon.
At night it does not work and in the cabins there is no air-conditioning
Ÿ 6 to 8 cabins per yacht, accommodating 12 to 18 people per cabin
it has a private bathroom
Ÿ there is no trpl cabin, only 1 or 2 people can use a cabin,
3 pax is not possible in a cabin.
Ÿ because it is a regular departure, passengers will compare the yacht with others
tourists of various nationalities will not be just lanos.

Important NOTE: This Trip does not operate in winter . The dates of navigation described above 
The course of the schooner can be changed according to climatic conditions
Ÿ Bodrum airport-Bodrum transfers
port-Bodrum airport with driver
English speaking
Ÿ accommodation on standard yacht (Schooner
of wood)
Ÿ gulet navigation with service
regular Assistant Cook and captain of
Ÿ full board during
Ÿ double cabin with bathroom. (Does not exist
Trpl cabin)
Ÿ on the yacht there is no guide service, the
serious yacht language ” English”)

Ÿ drinks at meals.
Optional excursions and tours or
Faculty of inertial.
Ÿ any other service not
specified in the services
Ÿ Goleta Team Tips

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  • 18 Jul - 24 Jul